Selenium is used to automate the web and Mobile App

Selenium is used to automate the web and Mobile App

Applications are of two types, that is a web application and mobile application. Testing is not a one-time process for companies, but it is multiple time process. There are two types of testing functional testing and performance testing. Selenium is used to automate the web and Mobile App and it is functional testing used for web application. Selenium is used for improving the efficiency and accuracy of the testing process. Manual testing is about fixing the bug after checking the application manually whereas selenium testing fixes the bug through an automation process. Selenium web driver was used to create a framework for the front end. Git is the tool called as a repository for saving the script for future reference. Selenium testing can be done with Java or Javascript language as second language. Selenium Training in Chennai is a good choice for beginners who want to enter into IT Industry. Those who possess less interest in programming can choose testing or networking as the second choice. Appium is the tool which needs the basics of selenium to do the mobile testing. Testing using appium and selenium gives you a clear understanding of how web content or the application work on the mobile devices and browsers. Selenium and Appium are used to understand about how your website performance behaves in different conditions. Selenium Online Training gives a clear picture of the challenges faced when conducting the testing. The IE browser used for selenium testing is slower than the Firefox browser. Automation testing is sometimes difficult in extracting data which have to be done manually. Automated testing with the required speed is the demand of many companies which is achieved through selenium.

Special qualities of selenium Automation tool

  1. Selenium supports multiple languages like Java, Python, C#, ROR etc. and this is the reason why it is used in many companies. So the knowledge of any one of these programming languages is enough for doing selenium testing. After completing the Selenium Course in Bangalore the students gain programming language and testing knowledge.
  2. Selenium grid supports multiple browsers and operating system which shows the wide usage of selenium for multiple projects.
  3. Selenium is open source software so it is cost effective. So learning selenium is the gateway to multiple opportunities.
  4. Selenium is very useful in generating the reports for the data points which is used for further analysis. By replaying the data we can analyze and automate the major part of the different analysis.
  5. Selenium Training Institute in Coimbatore aims at a practically oriented class with peer approach. After the course completion, the Training Institutes help for the ISTQB certification, which is the only certificate for manual testing. Unlike manual testing, under selenium knowledge is given more importance than certification.
  6. In the software industry, there is drastic growth because every day new technology is invented. The share of selenium among the other software testing tool is 31.18 percent and it is used by 25,108 companies. So, Selenium is the best career to choose for the ambitious young engineers.
  7. Selenium test can be done in the application at any time from a remote device. The continuous process is very much important in the automation tool to improve the performance and client satisfaction. The constant updates made the selenium more resourceful.

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