Test Automation Strategy: How to Build a Test automation strategy?

Test Automation Strategy

Introduction  In this blog, let’s look at how to develop a solid test automation approach and test automation strategy. The topics can be better understood by using automation testing. Software testing is an essential and constantly expanding component of the development life Read More …

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on everyday life

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on everyday life

Introduction In this blog, we will enhance the Impacts of Artificial Intelligence. It’s simple to picture a dark science fiction future where humans have been ruled by robots when we talk about artificial intelligence. However, AI is a tool for Read More …

Use of AI in The Automotive Industry

AI Application In Automation Industry

AI in automotive industry AI give a major impact on the automotive industry. AI is an integral part of Industry 4.0, which aims to improve efficiency in manufacturing plants by reducing defects, increasing overall equipment effectiveness and automating the production Read More …