What is Salesforce Data Security & Level of Data Access

Salesforce Data Security


In this Salesforce tutorial, we’re going to look at Salesforce Data Security. In addition, we will look at the various layers of data Security within Salesforce. We’ll begin with Salesforce Data Security. Get an extensive knowledge in data security in salesforce by fetching yourself with Salesforce Training in Chennai.

Data Security in Salesforce

In the interest of providing a security system that addresses all business needs in the real world, Salesforce provides a comprehensive and versatile model of data security to safeguard information on different levels. Salesforce provides tools for sharing that give the secure sharing of data that meets business requirements.

Levels of Data Access

You can decide who has access to which information in your entire organization an object that is specific or field or even an individual record.


For the entire organization, You can keep an authorized user list as well as a password policy. and restrict logins to specific dates and hours.


Access to data at the object level is the most straightforward aspect to control. When you set permissions on an object type it is possible to block an entire group of users from viewing, creating, or editing all records belonging to the object. For instance, you can apply for permissions on objects to make sure that interviewers can see job and position applications but they cannot modify or remove the documents. Profiles can be used to control the objects users have access to and the permissions they are granted on each item. It is also possible to use the permissions set and groups to increase access and allow for changes without altering the profile of users.

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You can block access to specific fields, even if the user can access the object. For instance, you can have the field for a salary of the position object unreadable to interviewers, but visible to recruiters and hiring managers.


You can permit certain users to access the object but limit the records of each object they are allowed to view. For instance, an interviewer can view and modify her reviews, however, she cannot see the reviews of interviewers who are not her. Access to records can be controlled by using these four methods.

  • Organization-wide defaults define the access level that users can have to one another’s data. The sharing settings for your organization restrict all your information to its least restrictive level. Then, you utilize the other security levels for records and tools for sharing to permit different users.
  • Role hierarchies grant access to users at the top of the hierarchy to the records of users below them within the hierarchy. Role hierarchies do not have to be exactly like your organizational chart. Every role within the hierarchy should be the level of information


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