Various Types in Microsoft .Net Framework

Various Types in Microsoft .Net Framework

Without any doubt, .Net is most popular programming language in software development industry when it comes to creating robust and powerful Windows based application. Being most preferred programming language for software development; it helps the .Net developers take advantage of huge libraries in creating high quality and best performing software applications catering the individual and business requirements. Today, many business organizations hire .Net programmers in order to leverage from skills in software application development. They are in search of talented professionals who are deep knowledge and expertise in .Net development. Thus, enrolling in .Net training in Chennai @ FITA Academy will make an industry ready Dot Net professional.

Dot Net developers can choose the programming languages based on their software development requirements and news. For building client server application, developers mostly use single programing language, whereas enterprise applications are developed using various components and services. Here are some popular programming languages in Microsoft visual studio.

Visual Basic .Net:

Visual basic .Net is the advanced version of visual basic programming language. With this software tool, you can build .net applications including web applications and Web Services. Visual Basic programming language is loaded with various incredible features like interface, inheritance and overloading that make it robust object oriented programming language. VB is fully integrated with .Net Framework and CLR which makes software development lot easier and quick.

  • Windows Application
  • Class Library
  • Net Web Service and Application
  • Windows Control Library
  • Console Application
  • Windows Service

Visual C# .Net:

Visual C# is pronounced by C sharp, it is designed to be fast and simpler way to create dot net applications including web application and web services. The application developed on Visual C# programming language can make use of CLR and .Net Framework. C# is elegant, type-safe, elegant object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation. Anyone familiar with c programming language can easily adopt with C# programming language. This programing language is fully integrated with .Net framework, CLR and together with garbage collection, improved versioning support and enhanced security. With Dot Net Online Course @ FITA Academy, you can expertise your skills on this familiar development platform.

  • Windows Application
  • Class Library
  • Windows Control Library
  • NET Web Application
  • NET Web Service
  • Web Control Library
  • Console Application
  • Windows Service

Visual C++.Net:

Visual C++.Net is the advanced version of the Visual C++ from Microsoft Corporation. This programming language is used for developing high-performance applications for desktop, enterprise and web applications. This language also offer number of important libraries to assist programmers in coding part makes the development process lot easier.

  • Active Template Library (ATL) Project
  • ATL Server Project
  • ATL Server Web Service
  • Custom Wizard
  • Extended Stored Procedure DLL
  • Make file Project
  • Asp.NET Web Service
  • Console Application (.NET)
  • Windows Control Library (.NET)
  • Windows Forms Application (.NET)
  • Windows Service (.NET)
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) ActiveX Control
  • MFC Application
  • MFC ISAPI Extension DLL
  • Win32 Project

Managed Extensions for C++:

If you are creating new application, you can make of C++ programming language to write managed code. When using the extensions, you can enjoy the services and benefits offered by the CLR such as memory management, code access security, automatic life control, cross-language integration. You can also reengineer the concept based on your desire.

Transact –SQL:

Transact-SQL is native language for modifying, storing and retrieving the information from SQL server. You can also create the databases and functions. It includes tables, columns, keys, indexes, triggers, stored procedures, views and other important components.

Scripting Languages:

In recent years, the internet-enabled applications are very popular all over the world. This solution is associated with distributed computing and it continues to go further. The scripting languages are considered as most innovative addition to the programming world. With this scripting language, you can easily run scripts in local computers and remote console. Here are some widely used scripting languages.

  • Windows Script Host
  • VBScript
  • JScript
  • Net

Extensible Markup Language (XML):

XML offers a format for describing the structure data that permits for exact declaration of content and precise search results across various platforms. XML will define the structure data to the purpose of data representation so that it can be utilized in various platforms easily. Currently, XML is most important features in dot net programming language. It can be easily integrated with various members of Windows Server Systems. XML is not a replacement to HTML. The power of HTML is to display the information whereas XML is used to describe the information precisely.

Microsoft .Net is vast programming language that loaded with various advanced concepts such as MVC and much more. It is very hard to read and understand this programing language. Thus, you can go for a professional training from industry experts. FITA Academy is reputed Dot Net Training institutes in Bangalore offering professional training through experienced .Net professionals. Join FITA Academy for enhanced career opportunity in Dot net platform.

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