Understanding React JS | Advantages of utilizing React JS

Understanding React Js | Advantages of utilizing React JS

Reactjs is a JavaScript library used for developing a mobile application, User Interfaces, and building UI Components.

  • It is designed and managed by Facebook.
  • It is composed in JavaScript.

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Why do we need to learn React.js?

  • React.js is created and controlled by Facebook.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • React.js is utilized by Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, Apple, and so forth.
  • React.js can be utilized to build up a web application, local portable apps(using React Native), and so on.
  • One of the most significant reasons perhaps it has an exceptional appeal in the IT Industry. On the off chance that you know Reactjs very well you can get an extremely high Package.

A React js application is created utilizing React Components as they are the central idea of all React applications. React js utilizes a virtual DOM idea. The virtual DOM works quickly since it changes singular DOM components instead of reloading total DOM inevitably. With the help of React JS course in Chennai, Acquire complete knowledge about virtual DOM.

These are the important things you should know before you start learning React.

  • Programers should know about the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Good understanding of Java programming language.
  • Familiarity with ES6 Features.
  • Basic understanding of the DOM, NPM, node_modules, and so on.
  • Visual studio code IDE – utilized for composing code
  • Latest Chrome program – utilized for troubleshooting

Most Commonly Used Lifecycle Methods:

  • render()
  • constructor()
  • componentDidMount()
  • componentDidUpdate()
  • componentWillUnmount()

Advantages of utilizing React Js: Following is the list of advantages we can get by using React Js:

  1. Performance: It performs well because it uses virtual-DOM
  2. Rendering: it renders server side and customer side both too
  3. Reusability: React Js is about components. As a result, React js allows engineers to have additional opportunities to use and create standard abstractions, enabling the development, appropriation, and use of decoupled reusable parts.
  4. JSX: JSX makes the code of your components is easy to read
  5. Data Binding: React Js utilizes one-way information holding or unidirectional information flow
  6. Testability: it is easy to test, and coordinate some tools like Jest.
  7. Maintainability: it guarantees readability and makes maintenance easier.
  8. Better Combination Technologies: React JS can be integrated with other markup languages like HTML And it can be combined with JavaScript and joins CSS to furnish your business with the best.

Highlights of React.JS significant highlights of React are recorded beneath:

  1. Virtual DOM: React JS utilizes the Virtual DOM instead of genuine DOM.
  2. Server-side rendering: It utilizes Server-side rendering.
  3. Uni-directional information flow: It pursues Uni-directional information flow or information binding.
  4. Components: It utilizes reusable User Interface Components.

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