Top Innovative Trends in Web Design

Top Innovative Trends in Web Design

Top Innovative Trends in Web Design 

When you make a website, you have to think about the future. Because of its connection to technology, the digital realm can be a place to show off new animation, interaction, and immersion techniques every year. The following web design trends will become clear soon. 

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Memphis design 

This is an important style of the 1980s. It is sometimes thought of as gaudy because it uses a lot of different shapes and patterns in a chaotic way. At the time, Memphis design was a rejection of minimalism and what was thought to be the high taste of art critics. It made the design more colourful, approachable, and daring than it had been before. 

This is especially true now when minimalist approaches have led to a set of interfaces that are easy to use but very similar. So it’s not surprising that a lot of web designers are turning to Memphis design to give their sites a burst of colour and personality that visitors won’t soon forget. 

Typographic hero image

The first item people see when they reach a website is the hero image needs to say something. The web designers of 2022 are taking this idea to heart by making hero images that are mostly made up of type. 

Basically, these hero sections use fewer or no images, so the message itself can be the first thing people notice. These hero sections are simple, but they don’t feel bare. Instead, they are bold in how simple they are. 

They get people’s attention in the same way that a catchy headline does. 

Along the way, they are a great way to show off some creative and tasteful lettering styles.

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Retro revolution 

As the first days of the World Wide Web become more and more of a distant memory, young web designers of today are getting ideas from the Wild West. In the 1990s, the so-called Web 1.0 had bright background colours, clear table layouts, and robotic fonts like Courier. 

Even though all of this was done in the past with sad and sometimes funny results, web designers in 2022 are bringing it back with nearly 30 years of design experience between them. 

Even though the internet of the 1990s was full of gimmicks, graphics, and colours that didn’t need to be there, it was also a time when there were no rules and “web designer” wasn’t even a job. The designers who came after, who now have to follow industry standards, look back on those early days as a time when they could be as creative as they wanted (for better or worse).  

Visible borders 

Web design likes to give the impression of magic, or at least that the content is arranged neatly by an invisible hand and floats freely in digital space. Websites are built on a strict grid and held together with code, which is the truth. Web designers want to get a little more real in 2022 by making layouts with simple borders and frames that show how they are built. 

A visible grid makes it easy to see where one section ends and another begins. This makes the page easier to read and lets you put more content on it without making the page feel too full. Simple borders like these give websites a subtle 90s vibe that goes well with other trends coming back from the 90s. 

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