Test Automation Strategy: How to Build a Test automation strategy?

Test Automation Strategy


 In this blog, let’s look at how to develop a solid test automation approach and test automation strategy. The topics can be better understood by using automation testing. Software testing is an essential and constantly expanding component of the development life cycle. At first, it was dependent on sizable teams doing manual test cases. This has evolved recently due to testing teams discovering test automation to enable a quicker deployment cycle. The secret to automation testing success is always choosing a cost-effective and results-oriented method.

A web application is tested manually, by human action, in manual testing. A person uses a device to assess its performance, functionality, and design aspects. However, manual testing can be tedious, prone to mistakes, time-consuming, frequently monotonous, and even uninteresting. In contrast, automation testing performs test cases on various software levels with tools, scripts, and software.

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Benefits of test automation over manual testing:

  • makes tests more accurate
  • reduces effort and time.
  • Test coverage is provided.
  • boosts test case effectiveness
  • lowers the cost of maintenance
  • increases the execution’s speed
  • lowers the need for manual intervention

Going for quick gains and ignoring the broader picture is one of the most frequent errors in test automation. After one or two sprints, many teams give up on automation and switch back to manual testing. Now, why do you suppose that occurs?

Most of the time, these businesses employ automation merely because others are doing so. Some of the issues are as follows:

  • Businesses need help with how to deploy test automation properly.
  • They need to use the proper automated testing techniques.
  • Companies need to know the appropriate times to employ test automation.
  • They need to be aware of the proper collection of tools that would satisfy their needs.

So, careful preparation and strategy are needed here to succeed in test automation: Strategy for test automation.

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Test Automation Strategy

Success in automation testing always comes down to a cost-effective test automation plan focusing on results. A solid test automation plan will assist firms in staying competitive and preventing severe technological disasters.


So far, we have discussed the test automation strategy. Selenium is one of the most significant frameworks for automation testing because is use by many developers worldwide. To automate testing, Selenium IDE combines with several search engines. The market for test automation is constantly expanding with high demand for Selenium as web applications are seen as the next big thing by many businesses worldwide.

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