Overview Of Selenium With Python

Selenium With Python


Selenium is an open-source web browser automation tool. It allows you to write test scripts in a range of programming languages using a single interface, including Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, and C#. In this blog let us discuss the overview of Selenium With Python. For more knowledge about selenium with python join Selenium with Python Training at FITA Academy. It provides you course completion certificate and 100% placement support. Now let’s get into the blog,

Selenium with Python:

In the introduction itself, we saw that Selenium is being supported by Python for writing test scripts. Comparatively, Python is a very simple programming language that is significantly less verbose than other programming languages. Selenium may be used to connect to the browser using the Python APIs. Selenium sends common Python commands to many browsers, despite changes in browser architecture. On multiple Operating Systems, Selenium may be executed using Python scripts for Firefox, Chrome, IE, and other browsers. Learn Selenium with Python by joining Selenium With Python Course with certification.

Methods of Selenium Webdriver:

Every class and function used for Selenium with Python is derived from the Selenium WebDriver. It is the driving power of Selenium since it allows you to conduct any sort of function or operation on any element on a webpage. It contains a lot of properties and methods, but let’s look at the five most significant ones right now.

Back() – You may go back one page using this way.

Close() – The current window will be closed with this approach.

create web element() – This function will build a web element with the element id specified.

delete all cookies() – It will assist you in deleting all cookies within the scope of the current session.

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In this blog, we discussed what is Selenium? , Selenium With Python, and Methods of Selenium web driver. To know complete knowledge and pieces of information of Selenium with Python learn Selenium With Python Course at FITA Academy which provides you best training by the professionals and also provides you course completion certificate with placement guidance.