Features of Swift


Swift is an open-source programming language developed by Apple. It’s used to create apps for Apple platforms. iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV are the Apple platforms. Apple announced Swift in 2014, replacing Objective-C as the programming language for Apple platforms. Swift is more powerful, versatile, and easier for new students to master than Objective-C.

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Easy Code Readability

Most of the developers prefer swift programming language as it helps them to read and write code easily. It offers clean syntax and its code is similar to the plain English language. This programming language drops many legacy conventions. Developers don’t need advanced technical coding skills to improve Swift-based code.

Easy Code Maintenance

Code can be easily maintained using the automatic Swift programming language. Developers that use Objective C must maintain two code files: a header and an implementation.

However, with Swift, iOS developers no longer have to deal with these obstacles. Apart from that, programmers can concentrate on other areas of app development, such as code quality and features.

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Fewer Crashes

Less coding and simple syntax reduce the errors of clashes. In most cases, the problematic behavior used to be identified at the beginning stage. However, Swift also prevents programmers from writing wrong code and excludes the errors from the development process.

Some Key Features of Swift

Compatible with Objective-C

The best part of the Swift programming language is it is compatible with Objective C. However, this language allows developers to write code in one and use it with the other. It is possible between Swift and Objective-C.

Maintained by Dynamic Libraries

Swift helps dynamic libraries to bring modern apps, it helps to execute codes that link one version of the Swift app to different versions of the app.

The updated version of the code is used to upload to the memory, which helps other developers as well as reduces the size of the apps.

Swift provides many advantages to developers, allowing them to build apps more quickly. Swift appears to be the future of the iOS platform, but one disadvantage is that it is a relatively new language for developers. Join the Swift Training in Bangalore and learn the skills from the experts.