Dot Net Training in Chennai: Introduction to .Net framework

Dot Net Training in Chennai: Introduction to .Net framework

Dot Net is most popular software development framework that runs on Microsoft Windows operating system. This framework was introduced by Microsoft professionals in June 2000. Dot Net framework features large library of pre-build solutions for common programming needs and a virtual machine that handles the execution of programs written on this framework. .Net is the Microsoft’s aim of “Service as a Service”, a development framework in which developer can build, create and deploy windows applications and next generation web components. This platform allows the developers to write coding in whatever programming language they are comfortable with. The introduction of common language run time will ensure easy application deployment.

.Net Framework consists of .Net Framework SDK, .Net Development Environment and .Met Framework. Since its inception, this programming language has been most accepted development service in the world. Leading software development industries uses .Net platform to create stunning desktop and enterprise applications. Being most used development framework, it offer huge employment opportunities for aspiring professionals all over the world. It is recommended for freshers and experienced professionals to enroll in .Net Training to boost their career prospects. Dot Net Training in Chennai at FITA Academy is ideal destination for candidates looking for enter software development industry with lucrative salary package.

Dot Net programming language is loaded with various incredible features that make it as most preferred development platform among the software development industries and freelance software developers. Developing an application with .Net programming language is very easy and straightforward. In addition, you can enjoy incredible support from both online and offline community. Here are some salient features loaded in .Net Development Framework.


Dot Net framework offers the maximized interaction between the new and old applications. It offers the mean to access the features and functionalities that is implemented in a program and executed outside of the dot net environment.

Common Language Runtime Engine:

The CLR is the in-built execution engine of the Dot Net framework. It offers high security and memory management and other exception handling features. It offers the software developers to handle complicated software development task with ease. Dot Net Online Course is designed by the experienced .Net professionals with years of experience in .Net application development.

Language Independence:

The language independence features allows the software developers to write and execute application in whatever programming language they are familiar with. This feature helps you to exchange different types of software developed on Dot Net programming language.

Base Class Library:

The BCL is a library of basic functions available to different version of programming languages using the .Net framework. It offer the advanced class which include number of common functions like file reading, writing, graphic rendering, database interaction, XML document manipulation, etc.

Enhanced Security:

Microsoft .Net framework is designed with enhanced security features and face issues like buffer overflows and memory handling. In addition, this development platform features common security model for all frameworks. It applies the skills of across various devices, programming tasks and application types. It is very much easier to maintain applications developed on .Net programming language.

Although several new development platform is introduced on regular basis, still Dot Net Framework is a step ahead due to its stunning functionalities and compatible features it offers to the software developers. FITA Academy is reputed Dot Net Training Institutes in Bangalore offering professional training on dot net technology. We offer 100% practical and placement oriented training to help our candidates to get placed in leading software development industries.

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