Dot Net Interview FAQ – Part 1

Dot Net Interview FAQ - Part 1

What is an Application server?
It is a server which is used for handling software applications operations. This application server further helps to run the server code. Most popular application servers used are Windows PHP servers. Some main advantages of application server include data integrity, data security, performance, centralised configuration and low cost maintenance cost.

Can .Net used for developing web based applications? is an advanced technology by Microsoft to build web applications and websites with the help of HTML, CSS, and Java Script etc. websites can be easily developed and maintained by web page and web forms model. Even if you are new to, you can easily learn and build a website using this technology.  Enroll Dot Net Course in Chennai will make an industry ready Dot Net professional.

What is a CLR?
CLR stands for Common Language Runtime and it is Microsoft’s implementation of Common Language Interface. All the Dot Net programs are executed in CLR which converts the code into the machine (CPU) understandable format. CLR provides handles the memory management, garbage collection and exception handling.

What is a base class and derived class?
Generally, classes are used as a template to create objects. The class from which preceding classes obtain primary functionality is known as base class. For example if Class Z is derived from Class Y, then Class Y is a base class. The group which obtains functionality from base class is known as derived class but if Class Z is obtained from Class Y, then Class Z is a derived class.

How web forms are created and handled?
The web pages of formally called as web forms which is considered to be one of the main building block for developing the application. Those web forms are maintained in a separate file with an extension of “.aspx”. This file consists of stagnant mark up. Mark up defines server side web control and user control in which the developer keeps all the required files for creating web page. In addition to this, a dynamic code is placed within a block while web page development, which is done exactly as handled in other web technologies like PHP and ASP. Dot Net Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy, you can expertise your skills on this familiar development platform.

What are Static and dynamic content and how it is maintained?
Microsoft has introduced a framework which allows static content to remain on .asp page and dynamic content will stay in visual basic or any other specific file. It depends on the programming language used.

What is meant by extender class?
An extender class permits you to widen the functionality of a subsisting rule. It is mostly depleted in Windows types of applications to append assets to control.

What is inheritance?
Inheritance symbolizes the affiliation involving two classes where one form obtains the functionality of second type and then widens it by adding up innovative systems, properties, procedures, fields and invariables.

C# maintains two forms of inheritance. One type is Implementation inheritance and the other type is Interface inheritance

What is meant by implementation inheritance?
When a set is derived from other set, it takes or captures the overall part of base type then it is known as Implementation Inheritance.

What is meant by interface inheritance? 

When a class or set takes only the name of the functions from an additional type then it is known as Interface Inheritance. Hence one type of class is derived from other class which often supports Implementation inheritance and at the same time it can also have the capability to derive more than one interface. So they also support Interface inheritance.

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