Developing Java Applications

Developing Java Applications

Some of the basic steps for developing the Java SE application in Net Beans IDE. You will see some of the features that simplify application development. You can create the application which converts the several words that contain the one letter from other two words. For the beginners who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in Java Training in Chennai. The resulting word is called the Acrostic.

Setting the Project

Creating the applications which contain two projects is:

  • Java Class Library project is the project in which you create the utility class.
  • Java application project with the class that implement a method from the project utility class

They create the projects; you will add the library project to the classpath of the application project. You can code the application which will contain the utility class with the acrostic method. This takes the array of words as a parameter which generates the acrostic based on words. For learning these applications to make your career brighter, they can join in Java Online Course. My App project will contain the main class which calls the acrostic method. This passes the words which are entered as arguments when the application is running.

Creating a Java Class Library Project

  • Choose File> New Project. Under the Categories, select Java and under Projects, select Java Class Library. Click Next.
  • Under Project Name, edit the MyLib, by changing the location to any directory on your computer.
  • (Optional) Select the use Dedicated Folder for storing the Libraries checkbox and by specifying the location of libraries folder. Sharing the Library with other users in developing applications with NetBeans IDE on this option
  • Click Finish. The MyLib project opens in both the Project windows and File window.

Creating Java Application Project

  • Choose File > New Project. Go to Categories, select the Java. Go to Projects, select Java Application. Click Next.
  • Under Project Name, type MyAPP. By selecting the Project Location to set the NetBeansProjects
  • By checking the Dedicated Folder for storing the Libraries checkbox
  • Enter acrostic. Main as the main class.
  • By ensuring the checkbox in the main class
  • Click Finish. The myapp project is displayed in the project window and Main. Java which opens in the source editor

Configuration of the Compilation Class Path

MyAPP will depend on the class in MYLib, by adding the MyLib to the class path of MyApp. This ensures that classes in the MyApp project can refer the classes in MyLib project without causing errors. Best Java Training in Bangalore offers the training from top IT professionals who are working in MNC companies. This enables the use of code in the MyApp project to fill the code based on the MyLib project. This is visually representing the Libraries node which is the class path.

I hope this article will provide you the information about developing the java applications. For more interesting articles about Java, stay connected with us!

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