6 Advantages of JAVA | Java Training in Chennai

6 Advantages of JAVA | Java Training in Chennai

Java was released in the year 1995 by SUN Microsystems but later on it was acquired by Oracle. With the introduction of Java the development process has become very simple dynamic and robust. Java is supported by many of the browsers which is used for computers as well as mobile phones. Using Java has its own advantages. Let’s take at a look at their advantages as discussed in Java Training in Chennai

  • Java can be learnt easily- When java was developed the main thing which was kept in mind that it should be user friendly and should be easy to learn. Java can be written easily, complied easily and finally debugged easily. When comparing to the other programming languages JAVA is very easy to learn and execute.
  • Java is object oriented- Using java the developer can create modular programmes and the codes which can be used again and again for the future development processes. That’s the reason why java is known as object oriented programming language. Join best Java  Online Training to learn more.
  • Java is a platform independent – Normally the developed programmes fail to run on different types of platforms they need different coding to run on different platform but this is not the case with Java, java can run on different platforms with ease as this s platform independent programming language.
  • Java is reliable– Java is said to be a very reliable platform as it puts very much emphasis on the rectification of all the errors at an earlier stage. The java compiler detect the errors at a very early stage and are rectified so that on a later stage the programme do not gets disturbed.
  • Java is the most secured programming language– As discussed earlier by the Java Training Institutes in Bangalore  java was developed keeping the user friendliness in the mind. Java lays extra emphasis on the security of the programme.
  • Java programme is multi threaded– Multi threaded means the ability to perform various multi tasks within the programme simultaneously.  This is one of the major advantages of java programming language.

These are only the six most important advantages of using JAVA. to know more about the advantages of java join the Java Training in Coimbatore.

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